Our Services.

Planning Your Timeline

One of the most challenging parts of the US application is managing your time. We at abacus are dedicated to help you meticulously plan your admissions timeline so that the workload is easily manageable. When should you take the SAT? When should you apply Early Decision? When should you send in a letter of continued interest? When should you post supplemental material to the college? We’ve got you covered!


There are several forms of Standardized Testing that may be required and encouraged to apply to the US. Most often, people are only aware of the SAT, and this can be a setback. The ACT is another option that some applicants may find easier to perform on in lieu of the SAT. The SAT Subject Tests will also help to enhance your application in combination with English proficiency tests such as TOEFL. We will guide you through your testing options, which subject tests to take, and which resources will put you on the path to a high test score.

Enhancing Your Resume

You may be dead set on being the next world-famous physicist or Broadway star, or you may have absolutely no idea what you want to do, and that’s alright! We are committed to helping you stand out in a gigantic pool of competitive applicants. At abacus, we will get to know you, study your resume, and handpick a list of additions to enhance your credentials. This may include taking one or more internships, online courses, research papers, essay competitions and so on.

College Search

There are over 5,300 universities in the US; how could you possibly decide where to go? We have thoughtfully curated a database of colleges, grouped by various categories, to help in your grueling decision-making process. Target SAT scores, financial aid, location, population size, and even your preference for weather are a few criteria that we have considered. Based on your aspirations, we will help you decide which school is a perfect fit for you.

Navigating the Common Application

The Common Application is the center of your US application. It is absolutely essential that you convey everything you have to offer in the most effective and evocative manner to catch the eye of an admissions officer. We have thoroughly studied the intricacies of the platform and understand how to use its different sections to make sure that you stand out.

Letters of Recommendation

One of the most powerful parts of your application is what others have to say about you. This may be your high school counselor, a geography teacher or your swimming coach. Regardless of who you choose, it has the power to make a big difference in your application. In addition to getting to know you, we will consider your application holistically and advise you on the best people for recommendations. We will give you our best tips on what makes a recommendation letter compelling and we will guide you in writing any additional letters, whether they are for building a relationship with colleges or showing continued interest if you are waitlisted.

Financial Aid

We at abacus are firm believers in the equality of opportunity to education. In order to support this, we will be offering financial aid to applicants who may not be able to afford our services. Please contact us for further information.