the team.

The Team.

The abacus team consists of highly motivated students and professionals with diverse skill sets and unique experiences.

Amaan Kulatunga

Counsellor Brown University '23

Amaan is currently a Sophomore studying Behavioral Decision Sciences at Brown University. He has a thorough insight into international applications, as well as applying to the Liberal Arts Colleges (LACs) that are known for their high academic standards and personalized learning. He gained admission to all of the eight elite LACs that he applied to, including Middlebury and Vassar. Amaan is known for having a plethora of interests, from wildlife conservation to music. His main admissions essay (part of the common application) was recently picked as part of the book 61 Winning Essays by globally acclaimed admissions counsellor, Viral Doshi.

Jonathan Perera

Counsellor Duke University '22

Jonathan is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering on the premedical track at Duke University. After a successful application cycle in which he applied to over 30 American colleges, receiving offers from Duke, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and UC Berkeley among others, he has gleaned a deep understanding of the admissions process. He was a proficient standardized test taker, scoring a 1540 on the SAT and 35 on the ACT, and is eager to share his resources to help you on your way to a great score. Having lived in Sri Lanka for the first twelve year of his life, he also recognizes what it takes to successfully transition into academic and cultural life in the states. Among his many interests are a cappella, photography and conducting brain cancer research.

Ernest Mukiri

Counsellor Duke University '22

Ernest is a junior at Duke University studying Computer Science and Statistics. Having applied to over 15 colleges, he is well versed in the complexities of the college admission process for international applicants. He got accepted into several American colleges including Wesleyan and Pomona. He ultimately joined Duke after being selected to become a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, an award given to the top 5 students from the entire African continent. Having worked at the EducationUSA offices located in the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Ernest has guided multiple students, especially those that come from middle and low income families, through the application process successfully. His interests include writing fiction, coding, and documentary photography.

Michael Li

Counsellor, Webmaster Brown University '23

Michael is a sophomore at Brown University where he studies Computer Science and Music. He attended an extremely competitive STEM-based magnet high school in Lincroft, New Jersey, with only 70 students per grade. Michael is a passionate software programmer who is also co-captain of the Brown University Quizbowl team. Whether it is identifying a 17th century Russian Composer or fixing your laptop's keyboard, Michael has you covered. Having scored a 1590 on the SAT and gained admission to several colleges, he is excited to share his advice on standardized testing, and assist aspiring STEM and Music students with their application to the US. Michael also maintains the website and social media for abacus counselling.

Rikaza Hassan

Essay Advisor MA, University of York

Rikaza has been helping people, brands and organizations find their unique stories and communicate them to targeted audiences in an authentic voice for nearly a decade. As a journalist, she specialised - among other things - in the art of the profile piece, digging deep in interviews and combining research to create intriguing profiles of people that portrayed them in a compelling new light. Rikaza is a big believer in the power of storytelling, when used skillfully and purposefully, to engage, connect and ultimately contribute to change. When she has a spare moment, she likes to think deeply about solving the complex issues facing the world. Rikaza has a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of York.