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Our Message To You.

How far do you dare to dream? How much do you venture to wonder? These are the questions we want you to ask yourself when you think of your future. America, the land of opportunities, is a door waiting to be opened and we want to help you mold the key. We are a team of ambitious professionals and college students, who have experienced and analyzed the American college admission process. Through numerous conversations with associates and college faculty, we have honed a nuanced understanding of the college admissions process and what it takes to create a successful application. We want to do everything in our power to help you achieve your goal of an American college education. It is a gateway to a unique opportunity and we don’t want the travails and pitfalls of the application process to be the reason you don’t chase your dreams. Let us help you.

Our Vision.

  • To make the American education system accessible to international students
  • To make the application process an exciting and understandable experience
  • To make our services available across borders to students of all means


  • “The merits of a Liberal Arts Education and studying in the USA” - Webinar by Zaffar Jeevunjee, MIT Alumni and ex-Interviewer
  • “Why more students should apply to the smaller Liberal Arts Colleges” - Webinar by Dumith Fernando, Middlebury Alumni and Trustee

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